Get Paid To Write Jokes About NCEA

LearnCoach (Feb 11 2021)

The NCEA Comedy Writing Competition is the only way you can get paid to write jokes about NCEA.

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A transcript of the video:

TITLE CARD: How did you discover the NCEA Comedy Competition?
Jennifer - Year 13 2021: I found out that there was a company looking for NCEA students to submit funny one-liners to win cash.
Seb - Year 13 2021: I think one of the very first posts on the LearnCoach Instagram account got sent to a group chat.
Maia - Year 13 2020: Clicking on the little button on the website that said "Win $50". I was expecting it to be a scam, but turns out it wasn't so I stuck around.
Leo - Year 13 2021: My friend introduced me to the comedy comp. William, if you're out there, you made me rich!

TITLE CARD: How do you approach writing your one-liners? [What inspires you to write each week?]
Heidi - Year 13 2021: Anything NCEA-related, like exam stuff or exams coming out.
Georgie - Year 13 2020: Otherwise it'll be current affairs that'll dictate what I reference in the jokes and how I relate them to the audience.
Bridget - Year 13 2021: Then I'll look at them on a Sunday and edit them and submit them.

TITLE CARD: What's your advice to budding comedy writers?
Maia: Best advice would be to just stick with it.
Georgie: No brainer... just practice, practice, practice! Just keep entering as many times as you can.
Jennifer: And eventually, you will find your groove. And you'll understand what our student 'niche' is.

TITLE CARD: What's the best part of the NCEA Comedy Competition in general?
Seb: I'd be lying if I didn't say the money!
Leo: Oh, and the community...
Bridget: Because you're able to see that you have a shared passion for writing about something that everyone in the country hates!
Heidi: It's also fun to insult NCEA sometimes, and get your anger and stress levels down a bit.

TITLE CARD: What's your favourite one-liner that you've written for the competition?
Georgie: Hopefully the Coronavirus gives us NCEA... Nationwide Cancellation of External Assessments!
Seb: A cure for Covid is only an E7 in chemistry.
Bridget: Injecting disinfectant won't cure Coronavirus, but it will get you out of an NCEA exam!
Maia: If ACT can get more than one person into Parliament, then you can pass your NCEA exams.
Jennifer: Students during exams are like a group of goldfish - a school of idiots who have forgotten everything.
Heidi: Just remember - when you're old and grey and in a retirement home, you won't remember your NCEA results!
Leo: NCEA is to learning as Google Drive is to driving! *awkwardly chuckles*

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