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Write a hilarious one-liner about NCEA. If it's our favourite, you’ll win a fabulous prize!

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Write a funny one-liner 140 characters or fewer. Relate it to NCEA life. Enter up to 3 times per week.

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We asked 3 of the most successful Comedy Comp writers of all time why they win so much. They came up with 16 tips you can take to the bank to guarantee victory.

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For everyone who enters, we offer paid gigs up to $100

By entering the competition, you will join New Zealand's largest and highest paid community of young comedy writers and people who love side hustles. We regularly offer this community exclusive paid gigs, many of which have nothing to do with comedy, that will almost definitely distract you from your study.

How it works

We send gigs directly to your inbox, from $10 for one-liners, to $100 for overall high performance in the comedy comp across the year, and everything in between.

How do I make $100?

At the end of every year we select 10 people based on performance in the competition over the year - mainly based on the categories: 'number of shortlisted jokes', 'number of entries' and 'Prize Points'. You don't have to have won the competition to be chosen. Those chosen will be paid $100 each for their significant contribution to the procrastination of students all around New Zealand.

So enter the comp, make some cash and join a community of people just like you: people who would prefer to make fun of NCEA than ever dare to be seen to take it seriously.