NCEA student admits to studying during holidays

An NCEA student has admitted to studying during the Term 3 holidays.

“I’m not proud of it,” admitted Harold Griff of Hawera High School. “The most embarrassing part is that people might think I’m trying to do well in NCEA. I’m a proud Kiwi. I don’t even care. Trying is for losers who want to make something of themselves.”

The person responsible for extracting the admission from Griff - Hawera High School head bully Chops McGroggin - said NCEA students had a right to know.

“Students who study during the holidays are making the rest of us look bad. Some people call me a bully, but they need to know the truth.”

Griff said he has learned his lesson and would try less in the future.

“You’ve got to hand it to head bully, McGroggin. He knows how to push a nerd’s buttons, before ripping them off your shirt, making it really hard for mum to sew back on.”

Similar admissions of trying are expected to surface as Term 4 continues.

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