A simple way to teach your NCEA class online

I used to be a secondary teacher, so I really feel for what teachers are going through right now. Their responsibility extends outside the classroom (sport, absence, pandemics).

This week at LearnCoach, we released a new platform for NCEA teachers to help them teach their classes online.
Due to the massive pressures already being faced because of COVID-19, we’re offering a free subscription for teachers and students to the new online classroom during the pandemic.

LearnCoach Classroom allows teachers to:
• Set NCEA courses for your class and monitor their progress.
• Message your class, give feedback and mark assessments.
• Access 100+ teacher-approved Internal & External Standards so your class can start learning straight away.
• Upload your own lessons and content.

LearnCoach has come a long way since it was started it back in 2012 – from originally helping the 30 students in my maths class to now helping more than 100,000 students every year.

Let’s be grateful for the teachers that are making sure NCEA students get off to a great start in life, even in the face of a global pandemic named after a light beer.

P.S. If you, or someone you know needs help, feel free to message me directly at [email protected]

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